A vision for wakefield city centre

The vision for Wakefield city centre is to provide a balanced mixed offer and a people-focused environment where work, live, create and enjoy, experience and access are interlinked to enable a distinctive and vibrant environment.

Feedback & Changes

Reflecting on the feedback, suggestions to enhance the retail core as well as re-developing and refurbishing spaces for leisure and mixed-use spaces have been highlighted. We have included further details which can be reviewed in the Chapter 5: Adaptable blueprint of the Draft Masterplan document.

Work here

Transform the Heart of Wakefield's business premises offer, reversing the trend for out-of-town locations; and using culture and creativity to attract the young, highly skilled, dynamic workforce of the future. The regeneration of the city will assist in attracting new professional services in parallel with city centre living, creating a hub for the growing community which will support the local economy.

Live here

Overturn a deficit in modern residential space, increase the city living offer, directly appealing to those who want Wakefield's immediate access to fast rail, convenient roads with vibrant environments and new diverse experiential offers on their doorstep.

Create here

Recognising Wakefield as a thriving creative hub, using its assets to bring people together, forge a new identity for the centre and make the creative sector thrive beyond its core. Place that supports new and existing creative businesses, nurturing new artistic talent, with a focus on establishing a capable and sustainable workforce.

Experience here

Leisure offer to be included into future development, creating opportunities for facilities such as youth clubs, a bowling alley or a skating park. Evolve the city centre into a place with diverse offers draws people in and gives reason to gather, linger and return within vibrant new public spaces.

Access here

Get people moving into and around the city centre, easily navigating around low-traffic routes and transformed public realm. Existing spaces will be enhanced and new developments connected through a network of parks, gardens and high-quality streets.