Heritage & culture blueprint for wakefield city centre

Celebrate wakefield's heritage and cultural offer

Feedback & Changes

As per the feedback received, the masterplan promotes restoring and repairing historical buildings and public realm improvements which will enhance the spaces that host occasional events for locals such as the outdoor market. We have included further details which can be reviewed in the Chapter 5: Heritage & Culture blueprint of the Draft Masterplan document.

Heritage & Culture

A set of projects and recommendations underpin the heritage and culture blueprint seeking to celebrate and unify Wakefield's heritage and cultural offer and animate the built environment through creative and imaginative approaches. Historic sites and buildings should be re-purposed and brought to life, historic streets and yards should be restored and the public realm enhanced to provide a unique environment and identity.

An interactive blueprint

Re-purposing Historic Sites

Old Westgate Station, Rutland Mills, The Orangery, Civic Quarter.

Re-purposing Historic Buildings

Old Crown Court, Elizabethan Gallery, Old Police Station, Registrar Office on Northgate.

Upper Westgate Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)

Restoration and repairs to historic buildings and refurbishment to historic yards with traditional surface materials, lighting and canopies around the Theatre Royal and Unity Hall.

Cathedral Square

Strengthening the civic core with a new flexible multi-use space, opening up of Bread Street, improved public realm and trees carefully planted around to highlight the rich historical setting of Cathedral Precinct.

Bread Street

Removal of units blocking the vista to Wakefield Cathedral and reinstating a historic link with activation of shop fronts and new canopies.

Wood Street

Public realm improvements with partial pedestrianisation of the southern section to create a stronger user experience allowing for optimisation of indoor / outdoor uses with a focus on food and beverage offer.

Connect Wakefield

Development of a new cultural hub including an inspirational mixed-use cultural space.

Expanding the Creative & Cultural Offer

With new assets including CAPA, WX and Rutland Mills.

Cultural Walk

A series of interventions including public art, urban greening and signage along the route from The Hepworth Wakefield up and around the Cathedral.

Cultural Clusters

Identifying clusters of uses, creating a network and improving the links to existing and future cultural offer.


Art interventions within portals as gateways to the city centre.