Adaptable blueprint for wakefield city centre


Feedback & Changes

Reflecting on the feedback, suggestions to enhance the retail core as well as re-developing and refurbishing spaces for leisure and mixed-use spaces have been highlighted. We have included further details which can be reviewed in the Chapter 5: Adaptable blueprint of the Draft Masterplan document.


The blueprint promotes an adaptable urban environment enabling the inclusion of a diversity of uses in identified clusters across the city centre. City centre vibrancy and increase of footfall will be achieved by focusing on the experiential shopping and independent retail, re-purposing vacant units, growing the family and leisure offer, food and beverage offer, diverse workspace provision, education and city centre living.

An interactive blueprint

Retail core

Consolidate, maintain and re-purpose vacant units in the city core with a focus on experiential shopping and more independent retailers, to provide a strengthened offer and attractiveness to the city centre.

The Ridings/Kirkgate

Review the role of the Ridings as part of the consolidation of the retail core providing the opportunity for a phased regeneration.

Cathedral Square

New flexible multi use space for events, street performance, markets, entertainment, etc.


Improve family and youth leisure offer in the city centre integrating it into new mixed use developments, with potential for a Youth Zone, a bowling alley and a skate park. Projects include CAPA, WX, Cathedral Square and Lightwaves.

Food and Beverage

Promote the extension and clustering of the food and beverage offer in particular along Wood Street and Westgate and extend opening times.

Commercial Offer and Hotels

New provision to be delivered as part of future schemes - including Rutland Mills and Old Westgate Station - and refurbishment of existing buildings.


Redevelopment of the area into a mixed use gateway with the reprovision of existing car park spaces, while providing a new green space and a link through the site.

Ings Beck Corridor & Garden Street Regeneration

Phased redevelopment of the retail park into a mixed use scheme. Revitalised commercial led area around Garden Street with repurposing of existing warehouses into more appropriate city centre commercial offer and public realm improvements.

George Street Neighbourhood

Improve key sites along George Street and Kirkgate and provide additional residential offer and create a green leafy neighbourhood gateway.

KING Project and Chantry Neighbourhood

New housing on the Chantry House site and KING Project with a provision of green space and some active frontages.


Expanding the educational offer within the city centre, working alongside the existing opportunities at Wakefield College, Backstage Academy and CAPA.